Black drinking water comes to India!

Black drinking water is the newest luxury! Don’t believe us? What if the young Indian Masterchef finalist Mirvaan Vinayak tells you that? And add to that some Italian biscuits and Polish wine tea and have a merry Christmas!!

Love and care and some piping hot beer!

A loving home, a hot meal and a cosy bed in winter! If that reminds you of home, add to that a piping hot home-brewed beer made of fermented millets just before you go to bed. Well that’s an even better home! Now add to that some personal attention and care. That’s a typical home stay in Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh!

Eat, love, pray and play in Mechukha!

If ‘atithi devo bhavah’ is intrinsic to Indian ethos, the small town of Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh gives it a whole new meaning! Experience uniquely Arunachal hospitality and a sip of its home-brewed local millet beer in the spiritual paradise called Mechukha!

Anniversary in Mechukha adventure festival!

20 years on, Subir Malik celebrates his anniversary in a valley in Arunachal Pradesh! His love for Northeast India resonates in his music as the crowds sway to Parikrama on day 3 of Adventure festival in Mechukha!

Match your personality with colour in Mechukha!

Tippy Tippy Tap! What colour do you want? The valley of Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh offers you a house of every colour in the spectrum. Indeed these houses have a personality of their own! Match yours with the house!

A touch of Michelangelo magic in New Delhi!

When you travel to an exotic destination, what do you carry back with you? Postcards? Fridge magnets? Ok, mall shopping or duty-free shopping from the airports? This man’s love for the exotic makes him bring back the spirit of the Renaissance from Europe and park it right in the heart of New Delhi. The Royal Plaza hotel in central Delhi flaunts this young hotelier’s passion for art and architecture!

When Delhi met Mumbai in Flanders!

It’s not often that you get lucky in a foreign country with extreme weather conditions. And if you’re a Delhiite or a Mumbaikar, pay extra close attention because Flanders is beyond the extreme summers and extreme monsoons that you have ever witnessed. Sunil Puri is a passionate traveler and he recounts the time when he saves the day for an entire group of Indian tourists in Flanders.

A large crowd had gathered for a concert in the Mandalay Bay Casino area in Las Vegas when a gunman started firing indiscriminately. Several people were shot dead in the maniacal shooting. Vegas is mourning and so is the world. Global citizen and journalist Archith Seshadri asks some hard questions. We are listening.

The London Apprentice and WWII

What happens when Frenchmen and Englishmen down a few and challenge each other? Well, in one instance, it led to art that survived the World War II. The London Apprentice is an old English pub in old Isleworth in UK that flaunts a ceiling that has held for more than 500 years. Journalist and Filmmaker David Freeman describes the epic night when the jolly good fellows from the nearby Syon House met at The London Apprentice, which is now a destination pub!

Mahasu House – A Soulful Experience

This little known district in the hills of Himachal Pradesh has escaped the public gaze and thank the hill god for his mighty mercy! Those who live there believe that Mahasu is the residence of the Maha Shiv himself.

Cuisines of Chandni Chowk – Paranthewaali Gali 2

Bite into these deep-fried, cholesterol-defying, stress-reducing, appetite-enhancing, hormones-accelerating, stuffed paranthas while you're watching the cook rap away in Chandni Chowk style! We cannot promise you will stop at just one #withocider

Cuisines of Chandni Chowk – Paranthewaali Gali 1

You haven't traveled at all if you missed out Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi. And if you haven't tried out the stuffed, deep-fried, sinfulicious paranthas at the Paranthewali Gali, put it in your bucket list as food-to-eat-before-I-die! Yours sinfully, OCider!

The Apple Tree at Mahasu House

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Perhaps the entire village is a playground! With concrete replacing playgrounds in the cities, in the words of Cat Stevens, where do the children play? Well, they find their playground up in the air! OCider finds out how omelettes keep children glued to the Apple trees at Mahasu House, Mashobra in Himachal Pradesh.

Mahasu House – A resort in the hills

Want to get away from the din of the plains? Well, if the beaches are crowded, head to the hills! And if you’ve always believed there’s either your way or the highway, we say take the highway. Mahasu House in Mahasu district of Himachal Pradesh will calm your neurons and delight your senses. With the local deity watching over every move you make, this resort will make you want to never leave for the plains again!

It's quaint. It's quiet. It's tucked away in the hilly laps of Himachal Pradesh and closer to the heavens than its popular sibling Shimla. Mahasu is watched over by the Spirit itself.