Big fat story: The rise and rise of gahori in Assam but not everybody’s amused

Once considered a taboo food meant for lower castes, pork (gahori in Assamese) has elbowed out mainstream dishes like masor tenga to become almost a state dish of Assam. Just what exactly is fuelling its growth? Read more..

Black drinking water, polish wine tea, and Italian biscuits! Merry Christmas!

Black drinking water is the newest luxury! Don’t believe us? What if the young Indian Masterchef finalist Mirvaan Vinayak tells you that? And add to that some Italian biscuits and Polish wine tea and have a merry Christmas!! Watch..

Can you guess what this is? Hint: it is Scotland’s national dish

Edinburgh’s Princes Street is the most spectacular high street ever invented. Lining one side are hotels and offices and stores, and on the other the land swoops down into a valley as sudden as an exclamation and rises again to become a man-made massif of weathered stone dominated by the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle. Read more..