Superbiker with a message out to cover 100,000 km

Ride To Be One, her campaign is called, as she kicked off her epic journey from Pune on March 15 this year. A woman can be Iranian, follow all the social rules, follow Islamic regulations and still ride a bike - that's what she wants to prove to the Government of Iran. Read more..

Maral Yazarloo
Himachal Pradesh trekking

Got it in you to do a glacier?

We have seen heroes and legends in movies and read about them in fairy tales. But how often do we get the chance to become a hero ourselves?

I must say I got an opportunity to become one, inspiring many among my friends and acquaintances, even as I got covered by media for doing something not everybody does.

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Am I on a suicide mission? Looks like, only that I have no mission!

No man in his right senses will do this, I think aloud, as my whole body trembles like a leaf in a hurricane. I look at the long cable that passes over menacing looking rocks, a river, and a waterfall probably a mile or two below. And I look away. I can’t do this. I just can’t do this, man. “I’d like to go back,” I tell the guide. Read more..