To all my concerned friends: I am back from Vegas and safe at home!

Food and travel writer Rupali Dean has just come back from Las Vegas; on Sunday, October 1, to be precise just a day before the dismal day when a shooting left 58 dead and left several others injured. She went as part of a media group flown there by the tourism representative office of Las Vegas in India. Read More.

Shocking: This spa masseuse reveals the dirty secrets of shady “massage parlours”. 

Back home in Ziro, I never thought I’d make a living touching naked men. But that’s what I do, as a masseuse. I hide this fact from my friends and family who still live in a tiny corner of Arunachal Pradesh.

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This Himachali town is so pretty that Priyanka Gandhi just had to build a cottage here!

Hideout for the famous! If that makes you feel great, just look at the list of 'who is who' Mashobra has played host to ever since Lord Dalhousie developed this Himachali hill station in the 18th century. If it had the British blue blood such as Lord Kitchener and Lord Ripon as its residents then, now it has our own homing in here. 

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Shimla by bus

An overnight journey from Delhi to Shimla onboard a luxury Volvo coach turns into a sleepless nightmare! 

Her face stiff and tense, her eyes were glued to the driver of the Volvo coach. What he was doing was something she wasn't at all amused by. 

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We know why you're going to Australia, Parineeti Chopra! Take us along!

Following her appointment as a brand ambassador of Australia Tourism, Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra will soon visit the country.During her tour, she will explore its aquatic and coastal experiences, rugged outback, unique wildlife and its incredible variety of food and wine offering. “I have been to the Kangaroo country only once before, and that was last year,” she says. “But there is so much more to explore that one trip is not enough". Read More..