Monalisa interpreted!

It's not just a smile. It's a massive paradigm shift in human consciousness as it has evolved over the centuries. Dr Ashish Agnihotri interprets the mysterious monalisa smile that has captured her viewers for ages!
Listen in to how the glance and smile of Monalisa represents the epic ethos of an era gone by...

An Academician experiences the mystical in Chennai's Parthasarathy Temple

"Who can actually dare to look the deity in the eye"? Dr Ashish Agnihotri has visited the temple once before. It was only in his most recent visit that he saw the deity. Listen in as he describes the Lord as never imagined before!

Drunken conversation leads to epic art!

What happens when Frenchmen and Englishmen down a few and challenge each other? It leads to art that survives the World War II! London Apprentice is an old English pub in old Isleworth that flaunts a ceiling that has held for more than 500 years. Listen in to David Freeman as he tells the story...