Air India passenger

She kept checking her phone little knowing that mobiles do not work at 35,000 ft above the ground

The pilot announced, “We are waiting for one more passenger, then we will be on our way to Mumbai.” After his announcement ended a lone figure appeared at the front end of the airplane. A harried girl with a small suitcase and two bags hung on either side of her thin body. She clutched her mobile phone in her left hand. Her shawl kept slipping off her shoulder. She walked in unaware of the stare of 120 impatient pairs of eyes. Read More..

Overnight journey from Delhi to Shimla turns into a sleepless nightmare! 

Her face stiff and tense, her eyes were glued to the driver of the Volvo coach. What he was doing was something she wasn't at all amused by. "Shut your eyes, no. Try and sleep," I, seated next to her, told her. "I cannot," she said in no uncertain terms. "I cannot as long as he is doing this." Read More..

Shimla by bus

They doped me out and robbed me off my iPhone and wallet at St Petersberg
She drags me, pulls me closer to her, holds me tight, and even as her boyfriend hums a peppy Russian folk number, I try to match steps with her. “Slow, slow, baby,” I tell her, “I can’t move so fast. My knee hurts.” But she wouldn’t listen. So I allow myself to go with her flow. The crooner is joined by his friends now, as they erupt into a chorus. A crowd gathers seeing us dance. Read more...