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Kunzum Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

The Buddhist flags were continuously flipping in the direction of the Himalayan wind. Time stopped and when I looked and paused, everything around me was so serene and exquisite. Even today these images from my holiday in Himachal make me feel so calm and instill in me a sense of tranquility.

Chandratal Lake, Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)

The unsung hero of Spiti, the pristine and sacred look of this lake have people from around the world paying a visit. The turquoise blue shades become the anchor of my purest thoughts, my guide, my nurse, my guardian and my muse. Something pulled at my heart strings, something stirred my soul.
Holiday Himachal

Pin Bhabha Pass (Himachal Pradesh)

As I stood atop Pin Bhabha Pass at 16,000 ft, my lungs sucked in the rarified air of the Himalayas. My heart skipped a beat at the ethereal beauty. The glacier, the moraine, the snow clad mountains – enough, these are enough, as I no longer felt the need to proceed further, no longer felt like seeking remoter charms.
Holiday Himachal

Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)

The young river hums to the tune of the cold mystic wind; the mountains echo the voices of the gathering thunder; the clouds play hide and seek. It has been a while I took this picture, but the recollection of the moments I spent there still gives me goose bumps.
Holiday Himachal

Mudh, Spiti (Himachal Pradesh)

There was this spectrum of colors everywhere. The blue sky, the vibrant wind horses (flags) , the lush green turf, the wild flowers and the barren and rugged mountains beyond… these mountains are enough to escape from the mundane.
Holiday Himachal

Kareri Lake (Himachal Pradesh)

With its pristine crystal clear water, it is one of the holy lakes of the Dhauladhar range. The luss green vegetation is inviting, as if saying, “Come into my parlour!” with no hidden agenda.
Holiday Himachal

Bir Billing (Himachal Pradesh)

A place for adventure, communicate with nature, be one with it, as you fly high on your gliders.
Holiday Himachal

Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh)

This cricket stadium, the highest in the world, has the world coming in, and in the process they not only become spectators of the sport but also of the bewitching view. While you have to buy a ticket for the match, there is nothing you have to spend for the view. The clouds hover above as flocks of birds appear and disappear in their flights of fancy.
Holiday Himachal

Chalal (Himachal Pradesh)

The road less travelled is the one Robert Frost took. We are free to choose but we really do not know what awaits us at the end. Better to be a lone ranger than join the crowd. It’s only in nature that we discover the language of the sense, the anchor of our purest thoughts. It’s like being in a trance conjoured up by the warmth of the mountains, the gushing waterfalls, the tall alpine and oak forest.
Holiday Himachal

Triund (Himachal Pradesh)

Can you see the contrast? The green in the foreground, the white in the background… Where would you rather be? Amidst the forest or on the icy slopes?
Holiday Himachal


(Anangsha Alomyan has just acquired a Master’s degree in Sociology, but photography is what she wants to do for a living)

And that’s how this 23 year old photographer looks at Himachal
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