By Satyashree Gandham


Some say Delhi is polluted and others say Delhi is unsafe. While the notion may not be entirely untrue, OCider decided to chat up the tourists in Delhi from different parts of the world and this is what they have to say. Dominique Tinkler is from Miami and she loves the little children she has met on the streets of New Delhi. So much that she wants to take them home with her!



Grant Widseth is from Australia who is amazed by the volume of human traffic on the streets of Old Delhi. However, guess what fascinated him the most! "Cow poo" art! 



Michel Farah lives in Miami but his first visit to a polluted New Delhi does not dampen his desire to visit again. He loves the greens and oranges of the city.


Catherine Blair is from United Kingdom and she compares her Delhi trip to her visit to Cuba and Jordan last summer.



Joe Terzi is from San Diego and came to New Delhi despite the warnings from the American government.


Tom Kiely is from West Hollywood in the state of California. He says his state has also 'suffered from pollution and still continues to do so in some way'. 


Elliott L. Ferguson, II is from Washington DC. He says, "I don't know what you did but it's a beautiful day in Delhi today'! 



Smoggy, dusty, and polluted! Does New Delhi still attract tourists?
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