Location: Assam
13 days
Nov 19 – Dec 01, 2017 and Dec 02 – 14, 2017


Brahamaputra river expedition
Is that the lost kingdom?


Some of the biggest exploration in the 20th century happened in this valley. The river posed the biggest mystery to the British, and some of the biggest findings and expeditions happened in the region. Bordering Pemako, the Siang (another name of Brahmaputra, the only ‘male’ river of India) is a journey that will leave you gasping for more. Each day unveils many magical moments – a 12 km wide ferry crossing, untouched rain-forest, beetle eating, endless beaches, a river trip like none other, and days spent breathing air that will breathe a new lease of life. Yes, you may never be the same again.


Brahamaputra river expedition
Rapids ahead. Sail safe.


Day 01: Arrive Delhi and transfer to domestic airport. Arrive Dibrugarh late afternoon by air. Visit an ethnic weaving centre and a heritage tea garden. Overnight stay at a Dibrugarh hotel.

Day 02: Transfer to Pasighat by boat (80 km; 8 hrs). See the river dolphins and a great variety of resident and migratory birdlife from Siberia and Central Europe enroute. Overnight at Pasighat.

Day 03-04: Drive 2 long days along the Siang river, through Adi tribal villages, settlements and lush tropical rainforest. Reach Tuting by teatime. Check into tents, relax.

Day 05: Relaxed day to sort out gear – walk around and interact with local tribals at Jedu village, time permitting. Ready rafts in the afternoon – a comprehensive safety briefing followed by instruction on paddling commands and rescue procedures. Overnight at Tuting.


Brahamaputra river expedition
Brahmaputra is one of the most challenging rivers in the world


Day 06: Rafting from Tuting to Pango (5 hrs). Camp. This morning, you will encounter the big class IV Ninguing rapid and continue past another class 3 rapid at Palsi to reach Pango, where camps are set up for the night. You will encounter another big rapid the following morning. Campfire dinner and overnight stay.

Day 07: Raft from Pango to Cherring. Camp. Today, you scout and raft down the Pango rapid and enter the Ningguing and Marmong gorges, one of the most beautiful and remote jungle gorges in the world. It has steep impenetrable forests rising into oblivion on each side past the big rapid at Rikor and Zebra rock rapid. Set up camp above a class 6 rapid at Cherring. Overnight camp.

Day 08: Raft from Cherring to Yinkeong/Alubadi. Camp. After a portage around the class six rapid, you raft out of the Marmong gorge negotiating several class 3 + rapids followed by a float till Yinkeong/Alubadi where you pitch your tent for the night.

Day 09: Raft to Geku Twins camp. You begin with a big rapid below Alubadi beach called ‘moing madness” followed by milder ones all the way till the suspension bridge at Nubo. You raft down the “karko killer” and make it to a beautiful site near Geku. Camp for the night.


Brahamaputra river expedition
You so totally will fall for it


Day 10: Rest day at camp.

Day 11: Raft from Ku Twins till below Sangam. After Geku, you begin a long float till the 65th bridge at Ditte Dime. An easy day with long float sections. You pass several Adi tribal settlements on the way and float past the confluence of the Siang river with the Siyom river after the suspension bridge at Boling. You pass the flood-rutted guesthouse of Yembung and float onto a camp near Rotung village, in time for hot lunch. Transfer all gear onto travel bags from the dry bags. Wash up near a fresh water spring.

Day 12: Raft from Rotung to Pasighat. From here you begin the final run to the plains at Pasighat by negotiating the last biggie on the trip at Ponging. The Siang seems to gather a lot more volume as you float into Pasighat where you beach your rafts for the last time on this trip. Transfer to rest house at Pasighat.

Day 13: Drive to Boghiwheel ghat and take a ferry boat across to Dibrugarh. Transfer to airport for flight to Delhi. Trip ends.


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 The only ‘male’ river in the world dares you with a challenge!
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