Adventure at Mechukha in 360

Tucked away 6000 feet above sea level, close to the Indo-Tibetal border, this small valley of Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh hosts the annual adventure festival in full splendour! Watch the highlights of adventure at Mechukha in full 360 spectacle! Read more.


Strange encounters: 8 personal experiences that defined Mechukha!

Going to a place without interacting with the locals is like watching a film in mute mode. After all, it's the people who make a place and on the line of duty, we interacted with many who offered us glimpses of this lost kingdom that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. Read more.

Love and care and some piping hot beer!

A loving home, a hot meal and a cosy bed in winter! If that reminds you of home, add to that a piping hot home-brewed beer made of fermented millets just before you go to bed. Well that’s an even better home! Watch the video here..

Eat, love, pray and play in Mechukha!

If ‘atithi devo bhavah’ is intrinsic to Indian ethos, the small town of Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh gives it a whole new meaning! Experience uniquely Arunachal hospitality and a sip of its home-brewed local millet beer in the spiritual paradise called Mechukha! Watch the video here..

Parikrama rocks Mechukha!

Subir Malik celebrates his anniversary in a valley in Arunachal Pradesh! His love for Northeast India resonates in his music as the crowds sway to Parikrama on day 3 of Adventure festival in Mechukha! Watch the video here..

Match your personality with the colour of the house!

Tippy Tippy Tap! What colour do you want? The valley of Mechukha in Arunachal Pradesh offers you a house of every colour in the spectrum. Indeed these houses have a personality of their own! Match yours with the house! Watch the video here..

Pasang Dorjee Sona

"Mechukha is too remote for ordinary tourists; only for adventure seekers"

Pasang Dorjee Sona is young and dynamic. He also happens to be the MLA of this town/village (whatever you call it) called Mechukha - a place in Arunachal Pradesh so remote (and so pretty!) that you have to take a chopper to fly down (unless you want to break your back over a two day drive). But that hasn't stopped him from turning the village bordering Tibet into a hub for adventure sports in India's North East. Read more.