Ocider. Heard of this word? What exactly does it mean?

Sorry, we don’t know either. A word we coined simply because all the names we wanted to call our travel site were either taken or selling at a premium on the domain name registration platforms.

And then comes the Onslaught of the letter O.

Our Marketing experts insisted that circular alphabet must be there in whatever name we give. No, he isn’t a Bong with an obsession with Os (think Rosogulla). Apparently, names with O gets discovered better and are easy to trend. Worse, we were also told, the ideal domain name should be a 4 letter word as in Fock. Can you believe it, that word isn’t available either!

So we tried Mojo and Gojo, Hoho and Toho, Bibo and Bobi. To our horror, even these non-sensical names were sold out. Ok, five letters then. And that’s when our wordsmiths stumbled upon the word cider, as in apple juice, while randomly mumbling out names. Let’s try putting an O in front and there you are: Yes! We got it and bought it.

OCider was born!

But of course, we now have to give it a meaning. What’s a word without one? Why not give it a meaning that reflects the USP of our site?

People make a place, that’s our belief. That is it then, ladies and gentlemen.

Ocider: Pronounced O-sai-dar; noun; origin 2017: One who seeks to know a place through/by connecting with people, locals or otherwise. Usage in sentence: With his love for people and travel, Abhimanyu is a true OCider!

Sounds good? You ok with that?

Ocider, our site, is exactly that. It seeks to build a community of Ociders. After all, most often while travelling, either for business or holiday, we tend to be so lost in the sights to see and things to do, that we forget it’s the people you come across who truly define a place – not the shopping malls, not the skyscrapers, not nightlife, not the mountains or the lakes or the deserts, not history and heritage, not all the opulence or lack of it.

If you cannot connect with the locals, the charm of a city is only half the charm. The story of the place is only half told. Every person, you see, has a story to tell. From a man on the street (hawker, for example) to celebrities, tourists, students, the hotel doorman, the spa masseur, everyone has stories. At Ocider, we simply extract their anecdotal stories and experiences and understand the spirit of the place through the passion of its people and in the process, reveal a side/perspective of a destination that no one knew existed. And that gives us our vision – People. Places. Passion.

We would rather tell the story of the guide who shows us around the Taj Mahal than the Taj itself. A forest holiday becomes so much more interesting if you have a local telling you story around a bonfire: How, for example, rhinos in Kaziranga National Park became fans of dal makhni! As we travel, we extract the juiciest details from people we meet on the way, and present it in a multi-media format. Read if you like, watch if you are lazy, listen if you are driving.

Our images and videos also reflect our love for people: The face of an Eskimo here, the face of a Cambodian temple priest there, the face of a Parisian fashion designer, or the face of a Goan DJ. Right, we are literally a Face Book of travel.

Loaded with drama, action, emotion, humour, sex, suspense and surprise endings, our stories are gripping enough to hold your attention. Years of journalistic experiences come in handy as we squeeze out the stories from even those who are reticent like a rock.

And oh, we are not about hard facts – for that you have the Lonely Planets of the world. In this increasingly intolerant world, we are about people to people connect. Aspirational, inspirational and emotional, Ocider urges you to move –  from being an armchair traveller to an actual traveller.

Great writing, fresh videos, raw images, we are as real as one can get, safely away from the photoshopped/edited content of glossies and Insta travel.

So what’s our vision? Of course, we want to make money. Some of us wants to be famous like Tony Wheeler, someone has a gypsy within. But at the root of it all, we all love a good story, which is what we want to share.

Our vision for the future is big, but more on it later.

Meanwhile, you ready to Ocide?

Ocide: Pronounced O-side; verb: to know about a place by connecting with locals, tourist and everyone in between.

Sentence usage: Why do you need to Google when you can Ocide?

We Love to hear stories

If you have an interesting story, and wish it to appear in Ocider, and so as world too gets to know it, write it to us at editor@ocider.com

You have gone for your vacation and have many interesting things to share, we are waiting to hear your story- Be our eyes and ears. Share your story with us be a guest blogger. If found interesting we also offer internship and the world to travel.


Kr. Roopesh Chauhan
Director, Marketing

Man of many trades (and master too!), this one, born a year ahead of Asian Games Delhi, is a Marketing pro, SEO and Social media Expert, Business Developer, Event Manager, Ad Seller, and what not! Armed with both business and IT degrees, he worked his way up from Outlook, India Today, Hindustan Times to co-form Kautilya Promotions – a A-Z hub for brand building and marketing. When not at work, he is often seen playing volley ball.

To reach out to Roopesh write at roopesh@ocider.com or you may give him a call at +91-9953328084