3 Best Places To Visit Monaco

By Kr. Roopesh Chauhan

Monaco is a small royal principality on the French Riviera. It is fairly small at less than two square kilometres in the area filled to the brim with fantastic places to visit. Whatever your taste, there is a high chance Monaco will offer you a great degree of satisfaction with its beautiful palm trees, lively flowers, the deep blue sea and buildings of historical importance.

Monaco is a beautiful place with a balmy weather filled with lush vegetation that has the convenience of just being a 30-minute ride away from Nice. Although there are several amazing places to visit in Monaca, these are the top 3 places you should definitely not miss: 3 Best Places To Visit in Moncao


The Cathedral, Monaco : 3 Best Places To Visit Monaco

3 Best Places To Visit Moncao by IndiansThe Cathedral is considered as one of the most iconic historic monuments on the face of Monaca. Built from splendid white stones brought from the neighboring La Turbie. The Cathedral is also the place of burial for all the Princes of Monaco. Tourists are allowed to visit the tombs of Prince Rainer and Princess Grace to pay their respects.

The Cathedral was built around the late 19th century and is housed with antiques like an altarpiece by Louis Bréadating.and a white marble Episcopal throne known as the Carrar belonging to the 19th and the 16th century respectively. The Grand organ used regularly for concerts is also something that tourists should definitely have a look at. During the months from September through June, tourists can listen to the “Cathedral Choir” and the “Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco” being sung in mass every Sunday.


The Musée Oceanographic : 3 Best Places To Visit Monaco

3 Best Places To Visit Monaco by IndiansThe Musée Oceanographic is situated on Le Rocher about ninety meters from the sea level. Opened in 1910, it was commissioned to be built by the Prince Albert I. The Musée Oceanographic is considered as the world’s oldest aquarium. It is very famous for its exhibits on marine science and oceanography. While it houses many discoveries of the Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the main attraction is actually the rare species that can be seen in almost all shapes, sizes and colors.

This tourist hotspot consists of three aquariums that flourish with over 6000 specimens in around 100 pools. Tourists fall in love with the Touch Tank and the Turtle Island where they can experience holding a baby shark or even discover what a sea urchin feels like. The most current attraction is the Shark Lagoon that measures about 450 cubic meters which display the most spectacular coral reef and its flora and fauna in all its glory.

Once the tourists have been through the fantastic things the museum has to offer, they can enjoy a delicious meal at the rooftop restaurant that offers a breath-taking view.


The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix : 3 Best Places To Visit Monaco

3 Best Places To Visit Monaco by IndiansThe Formula One Monaco Grand Prix takes place during the last week of May every year in Monte Carlo. The course spans from the Boulevard Albert I and turns up towards the Place du Casino after which it goes around a complicated turn in front of the Monte Carlo Fairmont Hotel. There is no other Formula One race like the one in Monaco owing solely to the fact that it is the only one in the world that takes place on city streets. In spite of the narrow streets and the most dangerous curves, the race is carried out every year with a sense of tradition and culture. The Formula One in Monaco truly is an experience like no other.

So, if an exotic trip filled with fun and new experiences is all you crave for, then Monaco is your best bet, the accessibility, and variety of the location make it one of the best places for tourists to spend their vacation on.

3 Best Places To Visit Monaco for Indians

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