3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok- Must Visit

– By Kr. Roopesh Chauhan

“Life, a visitor feels, has not been wasted on the Thai’s”.

Once must definitely visit Bangkok just for the city’s energy and bustling hub of tourist attractions.  Boasting a plethora of places to visit, lose oneself into and rediscover happiness, Bangkok sounds just like the right place for the techno world we dwell. Out of so many places here we list the 3 best places to Visit Bangkok, not to miss in Bangkok. 

A perfect travel itinerary for a day would comprise of some great aquatic experience, a place of Zen and worship and some soul shopping filled nightlife.


SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World : 3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

For the Thalassophile in you, Bangkok does offer a huge Ocean World (a big Aquarium) spread across a 10000 sq.metre stretch located in Siam Paragon building, Pathum Wan district. Being one amongst the 36+ branches positioned globally, Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is different from other aquatic worlds by size (being the largest in South East Asia) and numbers (you have to book tickets one day prior to check for availability).


You can view all sorts of the fish kingdom folks at a 270° view ranging from Giant Spider Crabs, Stingray Sharks and African Penguins to varieties of seahorses and starfishes. One will be lucky if you go during the “feeding time” of the species as the Shark feeding time would be an intense Nat-Geo episode to view and gasp at.


Their main features includes Rocky Shore (starfish and penguin), Shark Walk (nail biting shark encounters), Ocean Tunnel (360° view of the water world), Glass Bottom Boat (deep sea adventure), Ocean Walker ( walk with an ocean suit underwater) and 4D Cinema (kids will love this).



Erawan Shrine : 3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

Being the most popular of the 5 shrines located at the Ratchaprasong intersection of Pathum Wan, Erawan Shrine symbolizes Phra Phrom, the Thai representation of Lord Brahma. The four-faced creator of the World is known for kindness, mercy, sympathy and impartiality. Buddhism and Thailand share an intimate bonding and hence came the worshippers, flocking in great numbers.


The place does have its own series of superstitious beliefs. People pray and offer their token of respect and gratitude by hiring Thai dancers to perform at the Shrine. The good vibes around this places can be felt while watching a dance performance sermon that occurs frequently via some contended person who is offering his/her prayers.


More than being just a mere tourist spot, this place has been subjected to historic references right from its inception. Erected to wade off bad energy at Erawan Hotel in 1956, the shrine underwent an act of deliberate destruction by a Thai man due to mental illness in 2006 and later a bomb blast killing 20 and injuring another 125 in an attempt by a Turkish group called Grey Wolves. The Shrine survived all these and it will, even stronger with the beliefs of people and their trust upon its glory.

Chatuchak Market : 3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

3 Best Places To Visit Bangkok

Meet Bangkok’s biggest market housing a huge behemoth of 15,000 stalls (calm down women, I feel you), segregated as 27 sections of pure guilt-free shopping paradise. The daily headcount over here is north of a quarter million. The products available here range from clothing and Accessories, Handicrafts, Antique and household Furniture and Home Décor, Interestingly curated Food and Beverage, Plants and gardening, Art supplies, Pet stockings, Books, Electronics and Used Products(second-hand market).

The labyrinth is for sure to make you get lost at some point and a map or asking the locals at any time would save the worry for you and head to which section interests you the most. The best time to visit would be during the early wee hours of the market opening time when the sun isn’t going to penetrate your thoughts much and when you get a huge discount as the Thai’s believe on the first sale of the day to be influential.

Yes, this is what a busy day in Bangkok looks like and much more to meet your travel itinerary. Be it bachelors, family-vacays or even business weekends, Bangkok has some time to offer for the common man in a tailor-made fashion. Look for great flight deals, sell that old noisy car of yours that you had always wanted to, grab a pair of sneakers and start globe-trotting. 

Do you agree with us, Or you have your own list to visit in Bangkok. Let us know :



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