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Shreevats Sanjay (Regional Director, South, India Tourism)


Shreevats Sanjay


“It has just been about seven months that I have shifted to Tamilnadu and I am amazed by the discipline, punctuality and hospitality of the Tamil people. Their sense of dedication is outstanding. It’s that sense that came into play and made this mega mart so successful. It wasn’t an easy job to get more than 34 countries and 500 buyers/sellers all together. Everyone contributed tremendously and the result is here for you to see. If people say Tamilnadu is a sleeping tiger, well, now the tiger has woken up. If in three months we could achieve this much, imagine what kind of results will roll out when we have two years to prepare for the next TTM in 2019! And it isn’t just Tamilnadu that will reap the benefits, but the entire south of India, paving the way for a new era of tourism.”

S. Sundar (Secretary, Tamilnadu Travel Mart Society)


S. Sundar


“What was happening before was that the travel industry in Tamilnadu was fighting for a small pie and that happened to be the usual, well-known touristy circuits. Everyone believed in their strength all right, but there was a lack of enthusiasm or initiative to develop the overall scenario. As a result, the market was not expanding, and profits were going down. The tourism sector needed more investments and why would investors come in if we can’t show them the benefits. We also need to ensure abundant inflow of tourists to the state. With this first B to B meet, we have created a momentum, winning the confidence of the rest of India and abroad about Tamilnadu’s tourism potential.”

P.G. Thulasiram, VP (Sales), Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram

“Tamilnadu needed this kind of a mart. I would prefer to overlook the glitches for this is a good beginning. Every initiative needs some incubation period. We will see a lot of changes happening in the next TTM. There will be a lot more joint partnerships between the trade and the government, and there will be more participation from buyers and sellers. The growth will be organic which is more important. Tamilnadu may be the focus here, but in the process the entire South would grow.”

Krishna Kumar Menon, AGM, La Pondy

“The organisers could have done a lot more for lead generation. They could have got more people to visit. But I have no complains. The response had been good. Every day we got 90 plus visitors who got to know about our properties.”

Dr G. Vasudevan, Director, Fortune Pandiyan hotel/VP, TTM Society


“This mart made a mark, a landmark in the tourism sector of Tamilnadu. We kept the participation fee very low so that more stakeholders could showcase their products. In fact, the table concept (where a table is given to the sellers instead of a stall) made it affordable for small to medium tour operators to showcase their products. Now that the stakeholders have seen the benefits of participating, the word has gotten around and more people will join in the next TTM.”

Fatima, Parker Travels, South Africa




“Yes, I have come all the way from South Africa to South India and what an incredible experience it had been. I have been receiving lots of inquires for India and even wanted to do India myself for a long time. So I’m here! The lifestyle here in Tamilnadu is very different, but beautiful though. Now I understand the place much better. I enjoyed Madurai the most.”

Priyadarshini, manager (reservations), Indeco Hotels Swamimalai

“Not that women are any less but unfortunately as you can see in this mart, there are very few women in this male dominated industry. We are fighting for our presence though. After all we are a capable workforce.”


Tamilnadu Travel Mart: …and that’s what they said!

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