Road journeys are nice, but if you are driving on your own, you may miss out on many interesting sights along the way. And Taiwan has plenty of them. And that’s where the bus comes in.




It’s the most efficient way to travel, of course. Made especially for tourists, comfy seats, et al, Taiwan’s Shuttle service offers the most direct route to any destination. Be it Nanzhuang believed to be full of Hakka charm or be it Sun Moon Lake that nestles on the lap of the mountains.




You are also directly connected to the mount of Alishan carpeted by aromatic tea plantations, and Hengchun, known for coconut groves upon white sandy beaches. In short, just hop on and get down at all the scenic hotspots of Taiwan.

It is also a very economical and eco-friendly way to travel. The best part is, the service follow strict timetables, which means you can plan your journey to the dot.




Why you should skip the plane and the train and do Taiwan by bus

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