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Old Goa
Soraya Rebello goes soul searching in Old Goa


Oh we are talking about our very own Goa, but not the Goa you know, but Old Goa. 

Most people associate Goa with sun, sand, night life and some of the world’s worst habits that one could ever imagine. 
However, being a daughter of the soil, I cannot resist writing about the divinity of this peaceful haven. Indeed Goa has some of the best beaches and undoubtedly the best night life in this country, but it has a soul.


Old Goa
Away from the buzzing beaches, this part of Goa is bliss

Miracles do happen here

A soul which is beautiful and must be shared. 

On my last trip to Goa, I made it a point to visit its first capital – The city of Old Goa,  the city of churches and miracles.

India’s first cathedral, the Se Cathedral Goa is an architectural marvel. The peace and tranquility of this church just seeps into your mind and body, exhilarating you with songs of sweetness.

Old Goa
World Heritage site of St Augustin

And a human body 450 years old!

The Basicila of Bon Jesus takes you back in time to how simple yet authentic life was. It is here where the body of patron saint St Fransis Xavier rests. The body is over 450 years old and amazingly still fresh in flesh and blood. It is believed that he is the protector of Goa that keeps the city away from all calamities; a guardian protecting it every minute of the day.

Old Goa
Walk around to get a feel of the place


Ruinscape rendezvous

Another marvel is the World Heritage site of St Augustin. The relics of this church transport you to a charismatic world. One should not miss taking pictures of the half broken dilapidated tower. You feel as if music is flowing into your ears as you take a tour of the site. You simply wouldn’t want to leave. I wish I could stay a little longer, but the sun was severe.


Old Goa
Old Goa is full of stories on myths and miracles


Intense and intriguing, that’s Old Goa

There are several other churches, museums and even the sacred Growing Cross which are all worth experiencing. 

Old Goa is not only ‘Rome’ but also almost like the ‘Egypt’ of the east, with intense and intriguing stories and myths.

So next time you visit Goa, do spare a day to explore Old Goa. You will feel blessed. I did.

This place is not only ‘Rome’ but also almost ‘Egypt’. And it’s in India!
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