A dozen reasons to leave you convinced about an Assam holiday

Been to Sikkim and telling people that you had been to north east? Well, drop the notion. Your north eastern vacation actually starts with Assam, the gateway to the Seven Sisters, as I present 12 vignettes from the state, rhinos, rock music, et al. Read more..


Wanna meet this guy? You gotta go beyond Bali, of course

Come on guys, be a bit more adventurous and explore areas of Indonesia beyond Bali. We agree, Bali rocks, but then these places too have quite a deal to offer you. Here, Sanjay Sondhi, country manager of Indonesian Tourism in India, lists out a few interesting places to explore. Read more..

A place to horse around, but where on earth is it! Hint: It's near Pune.

Living in Mumbai/Pune, and taking advice from a friend for a weekend out-of-town getaway would elicit the same stereotype answers: Lonavla, Khandala, etc. But has anyone recommended Phaltan to you? Come again, Phaltan? Read more..

Priyanka Gandhi couldn’t help building a cottage there

Hideout for the famous! Just look at the list of 'who is who' that Mashobra has played host to ever since Lord Dalhousie developed this Himachali hill station in the 18th century. If it had the British blue blood such as Lord Kitchener and Lord Ripon as its residents then, now it has our own homing in here. Read more..