A boat? A yacht? Or a floating villa? Here’s a boat that sails experiential luxury travel to new horizons. Named Soneva in Aqua, this floating villa comes from the Soneva group. The idea is to give you the exclusivity and freedom of a private boat charter.

1. Starting point: The boat sails you off to the ocean from the base of its resort, Soneva Fushi, in Maldives

2. Size wise: The ultra-luxury yacht is 19.25 metres in length and 6.40 m in width, with spacious interiors.



3. At your service: Onboard, a crew consisting of a captain, a chef, a masseuse, a private butler, an astronomer, and a diving instructor will be at your exclusive service, catering to your every whim.

4. Enough privacy: Despite its large size, the boat allows only two couples, and two kids if you have any. There is a spacious master suite with a king-size bed with ‘his and her’ wardrobes, shower facilities and a sunken, glass-bottom spa, which allows you to enjoy the spectacular water world below. The second cabin also has a king-size bed, en-suite bathroom and walk-in shower facilities. The decor is done in rich brown leathers, woods and organic cottons.


water Villa


5. View to die for: All you see from here is a vast unending expanse of crystal blue waters, breathtaking reefs and magnificent sunsets.

6. The slow life: Dangle your legs over the side, relax in the Jacuzzi on deck, sprawl out on the comfortable daybeds, or enjoy wellness treatments by the trained therapist on board.

7. Food for the soul: Have breakfast in bed or on the deck; the chef will create your favourite dishes and prepare Maldivian specialties with fish and shellfish fresh from the ocean paired with the sommelier’s selection of fine wines and spirits.

8. If that makes you feel good, the boat is eco-friendly: It’s propelled by an engine yes, but the yacht also relies on its three crisp white sails to provide momentum and energy. There is a solar panel on the wheelhouse and the water on board is warmed up by engine-recycled heat. A food waster and food dryer reduces the volume of waste onboard by 90%.



9. Explore new horizons: Just tell the captain where you want to go and he will sail you there. Else, just look at the “chart of locations” that offers several options according to weather conditions, diving or snorkelling requirements, and cultural interests. You can also choose to sail to a private island for a barbecue or a romantic meal on a sandbank under the starlit night. And how about sunrise dives?

For more details, visit Soneva.com


This floating villa on Maldivian waters has an astronomer at your service too!

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